Coincer is a decentralised exchange for cryptocurrencies

It’s built on top of blockchains using cryptography, therefore exchange of coins takes place directly between a seller and a buyer—with no third party. There is also no central server (except for DNS seed which you may need the first time you run Coincer), Coincer runs on its own anonymous P2P overlay.

Do you still wonder, why you should use Coincer? See for yourself the history of cracks of centralised exchanges. Aren’t you afraid of your money? With Coincer you possess your coins and all trades are safe—you either get the exchanged coins or you get your original coins back. No third way.

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It's a free software. Source code included.


BIP112 (CheckSequenceVerify) as base for atomic protocol

13 Aug 2017

During the works on new, trully atomic trading protocol (i.e., without the unpleasant malleability vulnerability), I explored several options. How does BIP112/OP_CheckSequenceVerify stand? Could it be used as a base for such a protocol?

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Summary of 2015

27 Jan 2016

Last year was amazing. I’d like to summarise what it meant for Coincer and what’s left for 2016 and further years.

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First testing&trading session

10 Dec 2015

Because Coincer already has the most important functions, I decided to organise a testing&trading session on Sunday, 13th December, starting at 15:00 UTC.

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Draft of P2P overlay design

08 Oct 2015

After many iterations I’ve finally converged to a draft that seems to be able to work (version 0.0.2 will be released soon then!). Let’s take a look!

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First release!

14 Sep 2015

Finally there is first release of Coincer. Although it’s still rather a preview version, it works (despite its instability) and can be tested on testnets of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

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About Coincer

Coincer is a project of a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. Decentralised here means completely peer-to-peer and without any trusted third party to mediate a trade.

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About author

Coincer was started by xHire. A guy being keen on cryptocurrencies since 2011 who is active in Czech bitcoin community (btw on IRC channel on Freenode) and translates Bitcoin Core into Czech. Nowadays, a broader team of people works on Coincer.

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