It’s been few months since last update which indicates that the development probably slowed down a little bit. While that’s true, there’s also been some progress that should be published.

Currently I’m working on two things. First, I’m finishing first rough version of Coincer just for testing purposes and will release it as soon as possible. Second, I’m designing Coincer’s P2P overlay.

So far Coincer is able to communicate with other peers via a central server that forwards received messages, to publish an order, to list orders for given cryptocurrency pair and to answer an order and automatically conduct a trade. There is still a huge amount of work ahead, but current version can already be used (on testnets!) to demonstrate much of the desired functionality.

While pushing the first release out is a great thing, I’m especially excited about the P2P overlay that is being born these days. Although it’s still in a form of a concept, it should already achieve many of the goals I set out. Most notably I managed to solve the problem of efficient communication between two arbitrary peers in a structured overlay (based on DHT in this case), while hiding peers’ IP addresses from everyone except from peers they are directly connected to.

So stay tuned! :c)