Finally there is first release of Coincer. Although it’s still rather a preview version, it works (despite its instability) and can be tested on testnets of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

TL;DR: Go to the Download section for archives of the release.

Let’s see a demo! (There’s no sound in the video.)

As you can see, Coincer doesn’t have a GUI, but a CLI. This wasn’t my goal, but at that moment it was the only implementable solution for my Ruby base. Giving it a GUI is still in my plan, though.

Second thing (clear from previous post) is that there isn’t a P2P layer yet. On the other hand, source code of the server is also open.

I should note that this is far from stable and you shouldn’t trade other than testnet coins via this version of Coincer.

I will be grateful if you could share your feedback with me (anywhere—IRC, e-mail, forum, …). It’s important for me. Thank you!