Because Coincer already has the most important functions, I decided to organise a testing&trading session on Sunday, 13th December, starting at 15:00 UTC.

Primary purpose of this session is to gather close to real world information about functioning of Coincer itself, its P2P network, routing, and trading. Secondary purpose is to give everyone an opportunity to try out decentralised trading. :c) And third purpose is to obtain general feedback from users which is also very important to me.

To fulfil my main goal, I’ll prepare a patch that creates a log about what’s going on inside Coincer and in the network. The log should be transmitted to me automatically as soon as Coincer terminates.

To take part in the session, prepare at least two Core clients of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin in testnet mode with enabled RPC. It’s definitely better to sync the blockchains beforehand. Also make sure that you are able to run Coincer. If not, ensure that you have all needed dependencies. You can also contact me on IRC or send me an e-mail.

Please spread the word about this event!