21.co Bitcoin Computers In The Wild


This week 21.co announced that they’d started shipping their much anticipated 21.co Bitcoin Computer. Quickly, pictures of the computer started appearing on Twitter with early recipients excitedly telling the Twitterverse they’d been able to create some of the little BASH and Python based apps that 21.co has up on the ‘learn’ section of their website.

Although, at the moment transactions can only be created between 21.co Bitcoin computers many are already starting to spin up some really interesting ideas (see Jeff Garzik’s GitHub for a cool example).

Regardless of the whether 21.co becomes the backbone of the ‘bitcoin in hardware’ world or not, this looks to be a great start to unleashing the power of microtransaction and machine-to-machine payments in a fairly simple form. I know I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine!

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