5 Bitcoin/Blockchain Companies To Watch In 2019


As 2018 quickly comes to an end, I thought I’d get in early with some predictions for 2019.

Specifically, I thought I’d create a short list of 5 companies in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space worth keeping an eye on in 2019.

1. Blockstream

This week Blockstream released Liquid – their first sidechain product. With a number of notable bitcoin exchanges jumping on board to trial the product, this will be a great test case for the technology. Further, now that they’ve put something into production the stigma of being another ‘white paper’ company is slowly being lifted. Hopefully, we’ll see more products released from this hugely promising company in 2019.

2. HyperLedger

HyperLedger, who recently won the Innotribe Startup Challenge at the Sibos conference and earlier this year were acquired by Blythe Masters’ Digital Asset Holdings (DAH), are doing some really interesting things in the permissioned blockchain space. Now with the resources of DAH and guidance from the Blockchain Queen, Blythe Masters, Hyperledger will be one to watch in 2019.

3. WealthCoin

WealthCoin bills itself as “seriously simple bitcoin investing”. The concept is indeed simple, you deposit bitcoin into your Wealthcoin wallet and your bitcoin earn a return based on the portfolio you choose to invest in. The most interesting thing about the app is that it’s global from day one – with the ability for anyone in the world to use the product to earn a return on their bitcoin.

The app is currently in closed beta, having played with it this week I can tell you it’s a really slick product. Well worth keeping an eye on this product in 2019.

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4. OpenBazaar

If you haven’t heard of OpenBazaar, it’s in essence a decentralised peer to peer commerce network that isn’t controlled by any singular entity.

Having raised a $1m seed round earlier this year the OB1 team will no doubt be looking to make a splash in 2019 with a release of their software to the general public. The project holds huge potential and 2019 will hopefully be the year we see it in the wild.

5. 21Inc

In spite of the fact that many are extremely bearish about what 21inc are trying to do I personally think 2019 will be a breakout year for them.

Although many have focused on the mining aspect of their first product, the 21inc Bitcoin Computer, I think this is a red herring. Much of the value of the network they’re building will come from devices being connected to one another in a market orientated manner. In many ways, 21Inc will ride the IoT Blockchain wave of 2019 and I predict we’ll see the first 21Inc enabled devices hit the market in the last quarter of 2019.

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