5 NFT Marketplaces You Should Know


It is not easy to monetize your art when piracy and copyright infringement are so developed. Many technologies have been proposed to protect ownership, but they do not work very effectively. However, with the improvement of digital technologies, this protection has become possible thanks to NFT tokens. The Ethereum blockchain technology allows you to put your art on the auctions if it exists entirely in digital form. If you know how to sell NFT art, you will be able to convert the products of your work into financial assets.

The Mission of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) 

NFT was created to transfer singular items to the blockchain. One NFT is not equal to another one. That is why unique digital files will be safeguarded against unauthorized copying and use. 

Artists sell digital copies of their paintings at the auctions, and not their “hard” or material sources. Try to tokenize some of your art and sell it on NFT marketplaces. 

What Tasks Do NFT Marketplaces Solve?

If you think that NFT cryptocurrency art can be interesting just for collectors and artists who are trying to sell their art, this is not true.     
Investing in cryptocurrencies and traders alike also show great enthusiasm towards it. They use NFT marketplaces for different purposes: 

  • buy 
  • sell
  • exchange
  • store
  • display
  • create NFT tokens 

If you don’t know where to sell NFT art, visit the following popular online marketplaces to buy and sell NFT Art.

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This marketplace is one of the best places for NFT due to: 

  • auction features of the platform
  • great variety of NFT art offers 
  • integration into the crypto ecosystem

Weak sides: if you want to sell your NFT art, you need to pay a commission that sometimes can be even bigger than the amount of money you can get from the sale. 

Nifty Gateway

If you need a platform with an impeccable reputation, try out this place. It is distinguished by:

  • user-friendly interface
  • possibility to use fiat currencies
  • easy withdrawal options
  • free placement of artworks

Minuses: relatively high commissions and limitations on the withdrawal of fiat currencies. Also, collections are displayed on this platform for a limited time only.


In the search for rare works of art, it is worth taking a look at this virtual gallery. It is popular among investors and collectors alike due to:

  • presentation of exclusive artworks 
  • high-security policy and verification of all art for originality

However, the entrance to the marketplace is partially restricted: you require an invitation to start trading there. 


This platform has one of the highest trading volumes and a great reputation. It allows not only trade NFT art but to create it as well. No programming skills are required for this. Rarible has a unique feature in comparison to other platforms: artists are paid each time when their works are sold to other owners. Moreover, they can change the price of their artworks anytime.  

Cons: both parties of a trade deal have to pay commissions.


This marketplace is also half-closed. You cannot start presenting your art or buy it there without an invitation from one of its users. Still, its advanced capacities are worth protecting. Stylish interface and perfected mechanism of auctioning attract real fans of NFT. 

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Weak sides: sometimes you need to look for an invite for months. This repels potential users and forces them to move to other platforms.

The question of where to buy NFT art no longer surprises anyone. The NFT market is only a few years old. Still, looking at its success, experts predict a grand future for creation of NFT art. There are many popular and well-established platforms to trade it. Compare commissions, conditions of posting, and withdrawal and start offering your NFT art for sale. 

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