A Double Issue… With A Quick Ask, Fred Wilson Chimes In On ICOs, The Tezos Fail, A Casper 101 & More


Sorry, for missing last week’s issue. I feel terrible that I didn’t manage to get it out.

So this week is a ‘double issue’ with lots of goodies from the last two weeks of blockchain and digital currency madness. Enjoy.

🙏 A Quick Ask Of All My Journo Friends…

If you’re a journo, I have a quick ask for you. If you’re going to write about an ICO please do your due diligence on the project/company — thoroughly.

As you’re no doubt aware, there are many ‘questionable’ ICOs continuously seeking media coverage (I get at least 2 per day — so I can’t imagine how many you must receive). It’s important for the growth of the token economy that we all play our part in not amplifying the dubious actors that are in the space. I know you all do an amazing job of vetting prior to writing, but I also know it’s getting harder to parse the technical details. Accordingly, I’m happy to take inbound and provide thoughts regarding ICOs — just ping me. Also, I recommend setting up a short DD checklist (see for example the GDAX one — which is probably more detailed than what you’ll need) — I know it helps me decide what I bother investing my time in.

As always, I appreciate all your amazing coverage of the sector — quite literally this newsletter wouldn’t exist without you. Much love.

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