Apparently, Everything Is A Blockchain


That’s where we are in the hype cycle. Basically, everything is a blockchain and anything can be placed on one. For an example, see the following piece by William Mougayar — “If You Understand Google Docs, You Can Understand Blockchain”. In it he posits that the value of a blockchain is the ability to simultaneous edit a document 🤔

To be clear, blockchain technology is important (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this newsletter) it’s just that we are now moving so far away from the technology’s true ingenuity that it’s easy to say anything is a blockchain. In fact, most are just going with the schema of noun + blockchain equates to a new area of untapped potential for blockchain tech. When in reality, there are likely to be limited use cases for a blockchain.

However, until this becomes apparent we’re all going to have to endure pork chain, Disney chain, diamond chain, wool chain…..

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