‘Double GST’ Being Removed In Australia, Ethereum Continues To the moon And Other News From The Week


Having worked for many years on this, it’s great to finally see the Australian Government announce a date for the removal of ‘double GST’ on digital currency transactions. According to the budget announcement, ‘double GST’ will be removed effective 1/7/2021 🎉🎊

However, it’s worth noting, we’re yet to see an exposure draft of the legislative changes 😮

Eth continues to climb in value 🚀🌙. This raises some interesting questions about what it might mean for the project.

Also, bitcoin isn’t causing malware 🙄 It’s just a convenient way for hackers to get paid 😂

Also, check out 21.co’s latest product (forgot to add it to last week’s newsletter — oops 🙄). Not sure what I think of it yet 🤔

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