How to create your own cryptocurrency

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The question of how to create your own cryptocurrency is of interest to people who want to issue their own virtual money for the work of the project in the blockchain sphere. First you need to understand which category the final product belongs to: a token or a coin. The first uses an existing distributed network, the second is produced on its own basis.

Therefore, for the two categories of developers creating cryptocurrency, the instructions will be different. Tokens do not require a huge amount of knowledge or the involvement of IT experts. For their release, existing blockchains are used, for example, Ethereum or Binance Smart Chane.

Where to create a cryptocurrency

The easiest way to create a cryptocurrency online is based on the Binance Smart Chane and Ethereum projects, while there are less popular analogues. These distributed networks are interesting because their tokens are supported by almost all providers of cryptocurrency wallets, which means there will be no problems with exchange and transfer.

Therefore, if there is a question of how to create your own cryptocurrency, it is better to choose these sites. They are also similar because of the Aladdin L2 30t bu smart contracts, which are needed for the operation of decentralized projects and applications. With their help, entire ecosystems are created, where tokens become the link between the elements.

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Everything is much more complicated when there is a desire to learn how to create a cryptocurrency from scratch. In this case, the use of its own blockchain is implied. This option allows you to produce better products, as you can fix the mistakes of the developers of Ethereum and BSC. But you will have to attract a whole staff of specialists to work.

Instruction manual

Next, we create a cryptocurrency, the instruction is divided into 2 parts: the first 2 steps and all the rest. At the beginning, there are points for the development of tokens, subsequent actions will be needed to issue coins:

Choosing a blockchain

The stage when you need to choose where to create a cryptocurrency. Relevant only for token developers. If you plan to issue a coin on your own platform, you will have to hire developers who will be able to design it (or you need to learn how to perform these tasks yourself).

Choosing the type of consensus

Another stage that needs to be provided if you want to create your own cryptocurrency for free with the help of available services. Most of the proposals use the PoS mechanism, as it involves the issue of coins without mining. With your own development, you can also choose a PoW that is relevant for Bitcoin.

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Blockchain architecture

The first stage is for those who want to create their own cryptocurrency for free on a unique distributed network. There are four options available: public, private, public or with limited access. The dependence of this parameter comes from the goals of the project. If high control is required, then a private option is suitable.

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Not everyone knows how to create a cryptocurrency from scratch, so it is very difficult to implement the idea without outside help. This is due to the already existing principles and rules of distributed networks, which have to be modified to gain an advantage over the available coins. At this stage, test networks are used to test the functionality of the coin.


Both the code and the cryptocurrency itself are checked. To do this, independent companies are involved, which are looking for vulnerabilities and other “subtle” points. The results are published in an open format, which will help attract investors, as it will remove one of their concerns.

Legal advice

Another stage that cannot be carried out independently. When the blockchain is ready to work, it is necessary to find out whether the cryptocurrency will have to be registered with regulatory authorities. If you ignore this, you can get quite serious sanctions from government agencies.

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At the last stage, you need to create a cryptocurrency online either in full or in part. The difference lies in the chosen version of tokenomics. So, if the offer is fixed, then you can perform this action in one approach, using a smart contract. The complete opposite is Bitcoin, where each coin is issued gradually with the help of miners validating new blocks in a distributed network.

Before starting development, you need to understand how useful the project is for the global community. If this is some kind of new offer that can make people’s lives easier and better, then fans and investors will appear quickly enough.

Do not take lightly the legislation of the countries where the cryptocurrency will be distributed. Investments in a project without properly prepared documentation can be subject to serious sanctions.

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