How to Make NFT Art

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If you haven’t heard of NFTs, you might not be as technologically minded as you think you are! NFTs – or non-fungible tokens – are gaining popularity slowly but surely. It’s not just within the digital currency industries that they are gaining popularity, but all around the world. The popularity of NFTs has really prompted so many out there to start learning how to make NFT art themselves before stepping into the tornado!  

What are NFTs? 

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets. With the base of blockchain technology, NFTs are representative of unique and rare items. This includes things like virtual real estate, collectible sports cards and even digital pieces of art, which we’re going to cover below. So many people earn a lot of cash from these tokens and it’s not just the collectors who do. It’s the artists; the time spent creating NFT art means that the earnings will be high for them.  

Why create NFT art? 

Everything is going digital these days, and while historically, artists don’t earn all that much cash, NFT art is not the type of art artists struggle to earn with. If you are an artist or creator, consider creating NFT art for these reasons: 

  • The royalties are for life 
  • It’s cheap to set up and create 
  • It’s verifiable and it’s authentic, and anyone can view your artwork. 

How to make NFT art? 

There are certain steps involved in the process of creating NFT art, and these are listed below: 

  1. Select the right marketplace. Whether you choose a curated platform or a self-service platform, you can choose the right marketplace. The curated platforms allow artists to mint and create digital tokens. The self-service marketplace allows everyone to use whatever they like to create their NFT, whether that’s a picture, video or audio file. 
  1. Set up a new digital wallet. The next step is to create a wallet to store the cryptocurrencies and NFTs  
  1. Create your NFT art. You can customize your collection here by writing out descriptions and uploading images. This can help you to start your artwork display after you create them. 
  1. Create a new token. Once you have your collection finalized, you then start to create your NFT. Then you can upload it to the collection you created and you can choose to mint an unlimited number of tokens. You should do it one at a time. You can have edition tokens that have more copies of a token you created. You can have stand-alone tokens, too and these are one copy of the art you made. 
  1. List for sale. Once you have all of your NFTs created, you then list them for sale. You can either choose a listing of a fixed price, or you can auction it! 
  1. Promote it. Lastly, you need to promote it on social media. You can use social media or popular blogger here to sell your work and you can really build a fanbase that counts. You can then share your link to buyers and promote your artwork to the fans you have on social media. This can help others to discover it.  
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Learning how to make NFT art doesn’t take long, and you can do it without coding.  

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