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This week the third scaling bitcoin conference was held in Politecnico, Milan. As with the other two conferences many of Bitcoin’s heavyweights were in attendance. However, unlike the previous two conferences this one moved the focus beyond purely scaling bitcoin to other topical issues, like fungibility.

One of the major themes that emerged from the event was an emphasis on ‘second layer’ solutions. Specifically, it seems that much of the conversation has well and truly shifted to scaling bitcoin through means other than simply increasing block size directly. This has been clear for some time now but was really evident at the conference with the bulk of the presentations on lightening and sidechain applications.

One of the more interesting presentations was by Blockstream mathematician Andrew Poelstra on MimbleWimble’s potential. Since the MimbleWimble white paper dropped many have discussed it’s amazing potential, but this presentation really dug deep on the implications for block size and fungibility.

I’ve included links in this week’s newsletter to videos from the two-day event. If you have the time I highly recommend watching them — it’s a great insight into bitcoin’s roadmap.

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