More Regulators Talk ICOs, Dimon, Dalio And Buffet Have A View On Bitcoin, A PRISM Review & More


I’ve included a fair few articles this week — so brace yourself!

From an Aussie perspective, ASIC, our corporate regulator released an information sheet on ICOs. It’s better than expected — in terms of quality. Although, as you’d expect, it’s not going to answer all your burning legal questions regarding running an ICO. However, it does a neat job of flagging some of the overarching issues you should be thinking through if you’re thinking of spinning up an ICO. Overall, this is a solid piece of work. Nicely done ASIC!

🤔 You’ll notice I’m heavy on ICO reading this week. This is mainly because there is an unusual degree of intelligence exhibited in the writing on the topic — I’m fairly sure it won’t last.

📊 Also, have a read of the PRISM review — I’m curious as to how products like this go. There is definitely an emerging space in the market for portfolio management of tokens and doing it with a smart contract is very interesting.

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