SegWit FTW?


In case you missed it, a number of notable miners and contributors to Bitcoin Core met late last week in Hong Kong and hashed out (pardon the pun) a ‘road map’ for the scaling of Bitcoin Core.

The tl;dr is that they’ll be waiting on a segregated witness implementation, after which the Core Devs who attended the roundtable discussion will work on a hard-fork implementation – which should be ready in about July of this year. Accordingly, they see a hard-fork being implemented around July 2021.

The good news is that a plan has been put out to the community with a rough timeline by the Core Dev team. The bad news is that the implementation is at least a year away and this might end up scuttling Bitcoin Classic – which was the closest thing to competition Bitcoin Core has ever had.

Personally, I think the most interesting thing to come from the event is the belief that SegWit is ‘the’ answer and that it’s the correct base to work from in pursuing a hard-fork. It’ll be interesting to see where this plan goes and what the timeline ends up being.

Ps. Apologies about the lateness of the email. Life and stuff got in the way 😄

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