Some Mysteries Are Best Left Unsolved


Satoshi Nakamoto.

This is likely to go down as one the great pseudonyms of all time. A man, a woman, a group of people – we just don’t know who Satoshi is. Also, for the most part, we shouldn’t care. But we do. In fact, we care a lot.

This week we found out that the latest ‘unmasking’ of Satoshi was nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Although not confirmed, many have come to the view that the evidence anonymously sent to Wired and Fortune was fabricated.

I’ve always thought that the question of who Satoshi is really doesn’t matter. I think in the long run many will actually say it was a good thing that he was an anonymous figure. In my opinion, his anonymity has really made people focus on the technology and not discount or overstate it due to the character of the inventor. Bitcoin has truely been one of the few great technology breakthroughs that has been solely evaluated on its merits. The technology stands on its own – which is truely rare.

Although we can all hope that this is the last failed Satoshi reveal, the likelihood is that there are many more to come. Let’s move on and accept the mystery. After all, in the words of Satoshi (or someone who spoofed his email address) “We’re all Satoshi”.

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