Spotify Acquires MediaChain, Balaji Drops Some Blockchain Knowledge & Other News From The Week


This week Spotify made a smart bet by acquiring MediaChain — a digital rights on a blockchain startup.

Also, Balaji S. Srinivasan (CEO of 21 and Board Partner at a16z) held a Q&A session on Product Hunt this week. Although, not entirely related, he did answer a question on blockchain development that I thought provided a great framework for getting started with blockchain related applications. I’ve extracted it below.

[Question:] What would be the best way to start learning to develop Blockchain applications?

  • First, I’d master database and cryptography fundamentals, with something like Dan Boneh’s course for the latter.
  • Then, I’d read the and Ethereum documentation.
  • Then, you should write short Python or Go scripts to do things like printing out the blockchain, formatting and signing a transaction by hand, managing private keys, that type of thing. This will give you a feel for the raw data structures.
  • After doing all this, I’d take a look at application libraries like Ryan Shea and Muneeb Ali’s new

The reason I’d do it in this order is that you would learn fundamentals first before proceeding to the cutting edge.

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