The Most Interesting Things Always Look Like ‘Toys’ In The Beginning


Real innovation never looks all that interesting to start with. For the most part, it looks silly, awkward and just too weird to work — it generally looks like a ‘toy’ to start with (also, see Chris Dixon’s article on this topic). Take anything from Paypal to Tesla, they all started out looking like toys that didn’t have mass market appeal. But what most people failed to take into account was the fact that they all had a golden thread that just needed to be pulled.

In many ways, this is also true for products in the blockchain/digital currency space. Some of the most interesting stuff looks ridiculous and seems destined to be a footnote in blockchain history. However, there are a whole range of products that have that golden thread that just needs to found — and interestingly they’re all at the edge of what is happening in the space.

This week I’ve included a great article on why Rarepepe is the most interesting thing in the crypto space. I highly recommend — it describes the idea of ‘toys’ in blockchain tech really well.

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