What are upcoming ICOs to watch out for in 2022


With the huge hype around cryptocurrencies at the moment, you may well be thinking about investing in Initial Coin Offerings in 2022.

ICOs are offered by businesses who are looking to launch a new digital coin or token onto the cryptocurrency market, but which upcoming ICO 2022 should you think about investing in?

Ancient Kingdom

The Ancient Kingdom is a unique prospect that blends the NFT metaverse with classic martial arts. Users are able to play games on the Ancient Kingson Blockchain platform, which is sure to be attractive to many core crypto investors.

Ancient Kingdom is a utility coin and its tokens are known as DOMS. The company is limiting DOMS to 2 billion which means you will need to think about investing sooner, rather than later.

Tiara (TTI)

This new NFT ecosystem has been around on the Binance Smart Chain since mid-January and it is currently one of the most immersive digital experiences in the metaverse, which means that it is a pretty safe bet if you are looking to invest.


Using the CLAP utility token, this ICO is, based, as the name might suggest, on the blockchain technology Cardano. Its focus is on developing an ecosystem of attractive products and services with an emphasis on sustainable development.

ICOs may be new to many investors but they are most definitely the future, so the sooner you can get on board, the bigger your gains are likely to be. Just make sure that you do your due diligence first because some ICOs have turned out to be little more than a scam!

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