Who’s Your Oracle?


This week CoinDesk released their ‘most influential people in Blockchain’ list for 2019. The list included many familiar names — Andreas Antonopoulos, Vitalik Buterin and Pieter Wuille. There were also some notable new inclusions — the Bitcoin Uncensored team of Chris DeRose and Junseth made it in at number 9. While in at number 1 was the DAO hacker after a reasonably fruitful year for him/her/them.

Personally, I always find lists like these in the blockchain space interesting. To me they highlight the continuous search this industry has for oracles. It seems that everyone is looking for a singular source of truth they can use as their North Star. Whether you’re a part of the ‘House of Vitalik’ or believe there is only one true blockchain it’s clear that most people want to have an oracle they can call their own. However, as we’ve seen, the blockchain technology industry tends to have a habit of chewing up and then spitting out its oracle — so followers beware.

Ps. If you don’t have an oracle of your own yet this list might be a good place to start 😉

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