Update on the status of this project

11 Aug 2015

It’s been few months since last update which indicates that the development probably slowed down a little bit. While that’s true, there’s also been some progress that should be published.

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Atomic protocol #3 (final)

06 Feb 2015

The problem with TierNolan’s atomic protocols is that they utilise non-standard transactions. This makes them unusable under real conditions. I would like to propose a variation of his first protocol that uses purely standard transactions (at least in Bitcoin).

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Atomic protocol #2

03 Feb 2015

TierNolan has proposed two protocols for atomic cross-chain exchange. I have already introduced his first one and I was about to do almost the same also with the second one so that it would be possible to easily compare them. However, in the end I found out that this protocol isn’t atomic.

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Atomic protocol #1

27 Jan 2015

TierNolan has proposed two protocols for atomic cross-chain exchange. Today I’ll describe the first one—how it works and how it could be implemented (i.e., with real scripts).

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First, a prototype

07 Jan 2015

To prove the concepts that are being gradually drafted, I’ll first build a prototype before diving into clean C/C++. As a language I’ve chosen my favourite Ruby with library bitcoin-ruby. Coincer’s first GUI will be in universal wxWidgets. Let’s see a roadmap:

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IRC channel #coincer on Freenode forum

About Coincer

Coincer is a project of a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. Decentralised here means completely peer-to-peer and without any trusted third party to mediate a trade.

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About author

Coincer is being developed by xHire. A guy being keen on cryptocurrencies since 2011 who is active in Czech bitcoin community (btw on IRC channel on Freenode) and translates Bitcoin Core into Czech.


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