First, a prototype

07 Jan 2015

To prove the concepts that are being gradually drafted, I’ll first build a prototype before diving into clean C/C++. As a language I’ve chosen my favourite Ruby with library bitcoin-ruby. Coincer’s first GUI will be in universal wxWidgets. Let’s see a roadmap:

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Basic ideas

06 Jan 2015

I have already mentioned something in the first post, but I would like to elaborate a bit more on the basic concepts I’m going to build Coincer on to solve the basest problems.

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Project Coincer starts!

24 Dec 2014

Hello everyone! I’m glad to welcome you on this website. Project Coincer is here to move cryptocurrencies another step further. Its goal is to be a completely decentralised exchange of arbitrary cryptocurrencies. You might think that there are already some, but you are wrong.

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Get in touch!

IRC channel #coincer on Freenode forum

About Coincer

Coincer is a project of a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. Decentralised here means completely peer-to-peer and without any trusted third party to mediate a trade.

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About author

Coincer was started by xHire. A guy being keen on cryptocurrencies since 2011 who is active in Czech bitcoin community (btw on IRC channel on Freenode) and translates Bitcoin Core into Czech. Nowadays, a broader team of people works on Coincer.

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