Currently, we start the development of a new to-be-stable branch of Coincer. This one is being developed in C and will be targetted for use by end users (still with a possibility to run in a headless mode on a server).

General research

  1. Do a research of altcoins, their activity, user base, status of development, available OPs and other needed features.
  2. Design a flexible approach for adding new coins in future.

Prototype of application

  1. (Choose, implement and test) one of proposed atomic protocols.
  2. Interconnection with wallet (starting with Bitcoin Core and, e.g., Litecoin?).
  3. Design of communication protocol.
  4. Test of on-line communication and protocol execution (not purely P2P yet).

New development

  • Library for P2P networking
  • Daemon-like client (to support the network)
  • (RPC?) API
  • GUI (any suggestions?)

Deamon roadmap

  • Bootstrap (DNS/other nodes)
  • Joining the network
  • Leaving the network
  • Routing
  • Resisting attacks

Last update: 22 Apr 2017