Currently, we start the development of a new to-be-stable branch of Coincer. This one is being developed in C and will be targetted for use by end users (still with a possibility to run in a headless mode on a server).

June 2018

  • Daemon/client design
  • New P2P layer (bootstrap, joining&leaving the network, routing, resisting attacks)
  • JSON configuration file loading
  • Communication between daemon and user interface

September 2018

December 2018

  • RPC
  • Securing keys
  • Continuation of unfinished trades after restarting Coincer


  • Research on altcoins, their activity, user base, status of development, available OPs and other needed features.


  • Protocol support for multiple (atomic) trading protocols to choose from (to support various altcoins).
  • Flexible way for adding support for new coins.

Last update: 7 Jun 2018